Why choose
Amatsu Orthopathy?

Because it works! 

Amatsu Orthopathy treats your whole body, not just the symptoms. Our treatments are specifically designed to restore alignment and balance to improve health, wellbeing and reduce many painful problems. 

Amatsu Orthopathic Treatment

Your body has an amazing ability to regain its own health. However, the stresses of life can damage or distort your natural patterns leading to poor health in various forms. Our dynamical medicine treatment supports and encourages the natural abilities of your body. Regaining alignment and natural, healthy patterns is the aim of every treatment, restoring balance and producing wholeness in your body.

Our treatment works on all levels of the body;

  • Bones, muscles, ligaments, fascia
  • Organs, (visceral mobilisation)
  • Nerve and meridian pathways
  • Cranial and sacral mechanism

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AMATSU ORTHOPATHY is a fusion of ancient Japanese Medicine and Western core science
researched over 50 years by Dennis Bartram, from the teachings of Dr. Masaaki Hatsumi and
underpinned with the biotensegrity principles of Stephen Levin. MD

Client Success Stories

As an ex-asthma sufferer of many years standing I had not realised  how the movement of my neck, shoulders and rib cage had been compromised. I am enormously greatful to Amatsu therapy for restoring proper mobility to my neck and upper torso and it is a delight to feel I can breathe freely again. My general posture is better and my breathing is better than it has been for decades.



I felt drained and stressed. I also suffered from incontinence (having given birth to five children) and was actually considering surgery to stop the problem.
Furthermore, I had been unable to write properly for 10 years as I had lost strength and motoric abilities in my right hand and as a consequence avoided writing wherever possible, which did not help my confidence. After just one treatment Amatsu therapy sorted out the incontinence issue by bringing my pelvis back in alignment. Targeting my shoulder, arm and hand in the second treatment, she restored full motoric ability of my right hand and now I can write again – after 10 years of just scribbling illegibly with great effort. I feel revitalised; I sleep better, am confident, healthy and can recommend Amatsu highly to everyone!

E. R


I suffered with extreme pain in my lower back, leg and into my foot.
My GP told me it was sciatica and prescribed drugs to ease the pain but these made me feel dizzy and very tired so I looked for an alternative and Amatsu [therapy] was recommended to me. I was impressed as the pain lessened after the first treatment and completely disappeared after a series of treatments. I am extremely grateful to my practitioner for the difference Amatsu has made to me



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