Introduction Mini Course

Getting started on your Amatsu Orthopath journey has never been easier.

This Introduction course was set up by Dennis to teach the simple skills that anyone can learn to help themselves and their family, or start your journey and set up a business. 

ANMA is the foundation of Amatsu Orthopathy, and you can now learn the fundamentals of ANMA that has been practised for thousands of years in Eastern countries like China and Japan, but now with the backing of modern science.

“In ancient times, almost everyone knew how to use some form of acupressure/massage to help their friends and family through the power of touch”

You will learn the key points (kyushu) that create distortions in the body and simple but powerful techniques to help bring the body back into balance and alignment. 

This course is delivered over zoom lessons and an optional practical class, to make learning these skills easier than ever before. 

On this course you will learn our unique Body Alignment treatment and how to carry out a full treatment or ‘balance’ to:

  • Improve Alignment 
  • Reduce musculoskeletal conditions such as back, neck and joint pain
  • Balance muscles and soft tissues
  • Reduce nerve irritation such as sciatica
  • Balance the meridian system 
  • Understanding of acupressure and key points 
  • Improve mental and physical health and wellbeing
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