If you have an interest in the human body and how it works, learning Amatsu
Orthopathy therapy will take you on an amazing journey of discovery.

If, as an already established complementary therapist, you are feeling frustrated that you cannot quite access the root of your client’s health problems and want to help them more, Amatsu Orthopathy could be the answer for you. It will provide you with excellent skills to assist profound changes in your client’s wellbeing. It is also suitable for those who are really interested in complementary health and are looking for a new career. The practitioner course covers a comprehensive syllabus of anatomy and physiology and Amatsu Orthopathic theory and principles. With both online and practical training we aim to give you the best learning experience, and skillset to be a successful practitioner, with ongoing support to help set up your business and develop your career.

Approved schools
You can currently Learn Amatsu Orthopath through only 2 schools

  • Amatsu UK LTD
  • Myobody Training Ireland

These schools re regulated by the ATA to maintain quality and standards so you receive the best
training to help your career

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