The philosophy

Dynamical Medicine

Dynamical medicine is a concept that refers to an approach in healthcare that focuses on understanding and addressing the dynamic nature of the human body and its systems. It recognizes that the human body is a complex, interconnected system that is constantly changing and adapting.Instead of viewing health and disease as static conditions, through dynamical medicine we consider the various factors that can influence a person’s health. We aim to identify and address the underlying causes of health issues, rather than simply treating the symptoms.For example, Distortions or misalignments to the ribcage can twist the internal structures causing digestive conditions, breathing or even twist the attachments of the heart causing coronary problems. Misalignments of the pelvis can distort the pelvic floor causing genealogical issues. Misalignments in the joints can cause entrapment and blockages of nerve pathways, and energy channels causing painful joint conditions and muscle imbalances.Our Dynamical approach takes into account the body’s ability to self-regulate and heal itself. It emphasizes the importance of supporting the body’s natural healing mechanisms and promoting overall well-being. This approach often involves personalized and integrative treatments that consider the individual’s unique needs and circumstances.Overall, Amatsu Orthopathy and our dynamical medicine approach seeks to optimize health by understanding and working with the nature of the human body, correcting these structural distortions, promoting balance and harmony within the various systems, and supporting the body’s innate ability to heal and maintain health.

Gairon –

Gairon is the foundation of Amatsu therapy. It is pronounced Guy-ron which loosely translates to mean “the bigger picture, consider everything, discount nothing, use the best available and find that which is not obvious.” Therefore your Amatsu practitioner is trained to consider the bigger picture of any problem or symptom. For example, a bad knee could be because of a direct injury on the knee. However, it is also likely that the posture (total body position) and the natural walking and standing pattern of the client has led to the progressive damage and degeneration of the knee, therefore creating a vulnerable area. Amatsu is different because it considers not only the localized condition within the knee, but also the bigger picture of the other stresses, strains and torsions that are placed on the knee by the whole body. “It’s all in your walk, you must find it in nature, it must come from your heart and if you don’t understand Gairon, then you can’t continue”. (Dr. Hatsumi PHD)

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