Our role

Our role

knee-painThe Amatsu Therapy Association Ltd (ATA) was formed to aid the general public in learning about Amatsu therapy, its benefits and where to find a qualified practitioner. As well as protecting its Japanese heritage, lineage and legacy, our vision is to train and increase the number of qualified practitioners to offer the public a wide geographical access to the therapy.

We are focused on upholding our role as the standard bearer for quality Amatsu training and treatment. ATA members in the UK are affiliated to either the Institute for Complementary Medicine (ICNM) or the Complementary Therapists Association (CThA) in order to maintain high standards and to promote the recognition of Amatsu. Overseas members are affiliated and insured with a relevant body in their country of residence.

The ATA is responsible for the assessment and evaluation of students from approved schools and awards qualifications to the individuals who have reached the required level of expertise. Our qualified members have to complete a minimum of four days of continued professional development (CPD) each year and regular first aid training. Every practitioner must also be covered by professional indemnity insurance and adhere to our code of ethics. In 2009/10 the ATA became a limited company with a democratically elected board of directors (executive committee) who represent our members.

They are a group of volunteers who are committed to leading the development of the profile of Amatsu in order that it continues its evolution as a widely recognised professional therapy. Amatsu therapy should not be used to replace medical treatment without consultation with your GP. If unsure, please consult your local Amatsu therapy practitioner and your GP for advice.

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