Ashley Elmes

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Ashley Elmes

Ashley Elmes

Biographical Info Ashley Elmes is a qualified Amatsu Orthopath Practitioner. Registered member of The Amatsu Therapy Association (ATA), Amatsu Orthopathic Association (AOA), Register of Orthopaedic and Soft Tissue Therapists of Ireland (ROSTI) Todays science is confirming what amatsu has know from ancient times that fascia restrictions (myofascial) through out the body is a the cause of postural miss alignment. These restrictions can be the causes of back and neck pain, joint and muscles restrictions, headaches, trapped nerves, mobility issues and many more painful symptoms. To source the causes of pain and symptoms Amatsu uses a variety of whole body and local assessment techniques, including orthopedic testing. Treatments use a unique soft tissue and gentle movement techniques to return the body to its natural free flowing posture, Very rarely direct treatment on the area of pain. Ashley looks forward to hearing from you to discuss how Amatsu therapy can help with pain relief, restoring better movement, speeding up recovery time from injuries and improving your well-being.

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Level Qualified Member - Shinden/Kenku/Amatsu Orthopath/Sekkotsu

City Malahide

County Co. Dublin

Country Ireland

Address1 Tree of Life, Kilronan House

Mmber Number 243

Insurance Cert Expiry 2024-03-03

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