Training schools

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Training to become an Amatsu therapy practitioner is undertaken in schools which are approved by the Amatsu Therapy Association.

Amatsu UK ltd will provide you with excellent support through our ATA approved teaching team combined with the latest research and developments in Amatsu therapy:

  • First and foremost you are guaranteed that your training is accredited by the ATA and that you will be using the most up to date learning materials. You will also benefit from Dennis Bartram and Gill Scott’s extensive clinical and teaching experience.
  • Joining them Chris Bartram, Dennis’s son, alongside James Skidmore who are qualified as a practitioners and have been apprenticed by Dennis in his teachings over the last five years.
  • You will be taught from the new practical workbooks that Dennis has exclusively developed for the ATA. These workbooks feature comprehensive hand drawn technique and anatomical pictures with documented step by step explanations. In addition you will also be taught from the new and current ATA modules, available only at ATA approved schools.
  • Amatsu UK ltd has a unique teaching team combining extensive experience and diverse skills. (Please see the teacher biographies.)
  • In order to provide you with a well-rounded professional qualification other external industry experts will be speaking on additional supporting topics. (Further details will follow.)

Amatsu Therapy Association Approved teachers are rigorously trained and mentored by Dennis Bartram:

  • The ATA is the authentic and original governing body and training agency for qualified Amatsu therapy practitioners with a heritage unparalleled in the Amatsu world. As such, you can be assured that all registered therapists you come in contact with are thoroughly trained, up to date with their CPD and have trained with Dennis regularly.
  • Once qualified, as an ATA member you will have access to on-going advanced tuition and research on specialised subjects. This is vital if you are to be the best practitioner you can be!
  • All teachers approved by the ATA comply with rigorous training expectations and are committed to researching and developing Amatsu. All ATA teachers are highly trained and skilled, hold recognised teaching credentials and benefit from continual training and annual mentoring.


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